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About US

M2IOT solutions (formerly M2Digital Solutions), a Chennai based Industrial IOT start-up with a focus on crafting Manufacturing solutions using Industrial IoT and Machine Learning platforms for improving Lean Manufacturing, operational Excellence, Plant Maintenance and Remote Monitoring of factories.

We are a startup recognized by the Department of Industrial Policy and Promotion, Ministry of Commerce and Industry, Government of India, focussed on Industrial Internet of Things (IIOT) for SME's and Large Enterprises in Manufacturing. 


Our Industrial IoT platform consists of In-house developed Hardware and Software that is cloud and on-premise enabled. The IIoT platform can network and capture data from a set of heterogeneous machines including Manual Mechanical machines, semi-automatic machines, CNC machines irrespective of PLC’s & Control system. 


With the data acquired, we run Machine Learning Algorithms to drive Plant Analytics like TPM analysis, Machine Scorecard, Line Effectiveness, OEE, Maintenance and Data Audits. We then provide Shop Floor Integration with ERP and other software modules for Tool Room, Maintenance, Raw Material, Accounting etc. With a combination of these, we provide to clients, insights into areas for operational improvement for driving GEMBA, KAIZEN initiatives, Production planning and control, Maintenance, Tool Room and RM planning etc. 

Crafting SMART Manufacturing Solutions
involving Industrial IoT and Machine Learning.



There is no one size that fits all in Manufacturing when it comes to Next Generation Technology Solutions leveraging Industrial IoT and Digital for SME's. Each customer has some or lot of unique requirements. We at M2IOT explore and come out with a set of optimal solutions that achieves the expected efficiencies and at the same time are cost effective.  Some of the solution areas include Industrial IOT and Machine to ERP (m2ERP), bringing Hetrogeneous production machines onto a single network for driving operational efficiencies.

Create & Craft

Once the exploration phase is over, we build prototypes of the solution sets within 3-4 weeks depending on the complexity. The prototypes are developed, keeping the needs and usage of end users like Operators, Supervisors and ERP teams. The Industrial IOT platform (Hardware and Software) are fine tuned, tested at the shop floor of the production area. After monitoring the production data for a period of 7 - 10 days, we identify the right solution fit. Along with it, we look at the ease of adoption and maintenance by operators and supervisors post Implementation. 


Located at:


6/12, KVIC Nagar,

Velachery Main Road,


Chennai - 600073

Tel: +91-7305818350

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