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Key Services


Smart Factory solutions to help improve Lean Manufacturing, Operational excellence, Plant Maintenance, Remote Monitoring of factories and lay the foundations for Industry 4.0 adoption.

The IIoT platform can network and capture data from a set of heterogeneous machines including Manual Mechanical machines, semi-automatic machines, CNC machines irrespective of PLC’s & Control system. The data is processed and hosted on premise or on cloud. With our Machine Learning programs, we provide real time alerts, actionable insights and operational analytics.          

This will benefit the entire ecosystem consisting of Internal stakeholders of the company, End Customers, Suppliers, Vendors, Transporters, Auditors etc with real-time communication of key data metrics and actionable insights.

SMART Welding Management Platform

Industry 4.0 based Smart Welding Management solutions to help improve Lean Manufacturing, Operational excellence, Remote Monitoring of Welding Systems across multiple factors across multiple locations around the globe.

Using our IIoT platform, we can network and connect Multiple Manual Welding Machines and Robot Welding Machines under one roof provide a consolidated realtime status of the machines, Weld count, Weld Duration / Arching Time, Welding Operator Efficiency and Welding Unit Utilization.


The Platform provides realtime alerts, Visualizations and Analytics related to Welding. The data can be integrated with ERP and supporting Systems.

Manufacturing Analytics

With the data acquired from our , we run Machine Learning Algorithms to drive Manufacturing Analytics related to  Plant Utilization, Bay, Machine Utilization, TPM, Operator Effectiveness, Line Effectiveness, OEE, Maintenance and Data Audits.


We provide Shop Floor Integration with ERP and other software modules for Tool Room, Maintenance, Raw Material, Accounting etc. 


With a combination of these, we provide to clients, insights into areas for operational improvement for driving Kaizen initiatives, Production planning and control, Maintenance, Tool Room and RM planning etc. 

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