Key Services

Machine to ERP (m2ERP)

An Industrial IoT based solution (Hardware and Software) that captures real time production metrics from pure play mechanical / conventional machines like Forging Machines, Nut Forming machines, manual lathes, manual turning centres, flat die thread rolling and circular die thread rolling, Hot Forging, Nut tapping machines, manual presses, welding stations etc. 


The solution captures Production related metrics, TPM stoppages, Job Setting Losses and creates log sheet at the end of the shift on excel or PDF as required by client.


The production and stoppages data captured is analyzed through our analytics platform to provide insights into improving operational efficiencies and part profitability.

Material Movement and Tracking using QR Code / Barcodes

A cloud based solution that helps SME's track material movement between Processors and Tier 1.


At any point in time, both processors and Tier 1 know how much is outstanding / pending. They can track by Heat No, Work Order No. QR code and Bar Code systems are used to track material movement both inside and outside the factory using Mobile App and Hand held scanners.